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“Easy, sweet little wren. I won’t hurt you. Not unless you ask me to.”


Zookeeper Evelyn Mulholland is single and proud of it. Fickle, flirty and fancy free, she’s impossible to tie down and likes it that way – at least, that’s what she wants people to think. No man can knock her off her guard… but what about a monster?

Discovering that her best friend is dating a crocodile demon is shocking enough, but when another monster arrives needing assistance, life gets even more surreal. Eagle monster Jax is bold, charming and very keen to get Evelyn into bed. Despite her fascination with his soft feathers, razor-sharp talons and extremely talented vibrating tongue, she resists, sick of meaningless flings that lead nowhere.

But when a team of monster hunters arrive, determined to capture Jax at any cost, events take a deadly turn. Evelyn may turn out to be his only hope for survival. Whether her heart survives the encounter is another matter.


Blood Feathers-revamped ebook cover-jpg.jpg

Content guide/warnings

This ~25k word monster romance novella features high heat scenes between a human and a monster.  Some content in this story may be triggering for some readers. Please take note of the list below if needed:

Alcohol; blood; mention of divorce/broken families;

guns & gunshot wounds; parental abandonment;

parental verbal criticism; relationship break-ups

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