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Author Vicky Walklate standing by a fence next to her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Taylor, who is lying down beside her

Welcome to my new blog! Here I'll discuss writing, reading, publishing and various miscellanea in which I have some experience/interest, including parenthood, dog and cat ownership, wildlife and probably some TV opinions too. In future I'd love to host other writers on this blog for questionnaires, book tours, etc and other bloggers and readers too, so if you'd like to be featured, send me a message! And sincere shoutout to all the book bloggers out there, doing it for the sheer love of books and not always getting the respect they deserve in return. You are appreciated!

SACRIFICE, Book 1 of my debut fantasy romance series THE GODS OF TRIVIUM, is releasing later this summer. The road to my publishing contract was bumpy but exciting - more on that in a future post.

SACRIFICE is set in the fictional realm of Jothesia and tells the story of Libby, who is chosen as the human sacrifice to The Three, a trio of immortal dragon shifter gods. When the sacrificial ritual goes badly wrong, Libby and the eldest god Rhetahn reluctantly team up in a dangerous quest to save his siblings. As forbidden attraction grows between Libby and the jaded Rhetahn, their fate and that of the entire realm hangs in the balance. If you like the enemies to lovers, close proximity and forbidden love tropes (as I do!) this might be a book for you :)

Please note this is Book 1 of a duology and ends with an HFN (Happy For Now). Book 2, in which Libby and Rhetahn get their HEA (Happy Ever After) is in progress.

Aesthetic for Book 1 of The Gods of Trivium series, SACRIFICE. Photos include a large, forbidding castle, a close up of a deep blue eyes, a young woman looking sombre and a hand holding blue magic. One quote above the woman reads: "I'm in love with the dragon god fated to kill me. How absurd." The one above the eye reads: "You were given to me by your people. Your life is mine to do with as I choose."

I'm currently in the first round of developmental edits for SACRIFICE with my amazing editor Jodi, a fellow Champagne Book Group author. I've also completed my cover art worksheet, detailing what I'd like to see on the cover. I made this aesthetic a while ago & I'm quite pleased with it! I also have character aesthetics for Libby and Rhetahn - I'll include those in a future post.


I love to read and got through some fabulous books in Dec 2020 and Jan 2021: (there were lots more but these were my favourites!):

  • THE LADY'S CHAMPION and THE CHAMPION'S DESIRE by Marie Lipscomb (Violet Gaze Press): Books 1 and 2 in an awesome fantasy romance series with tons of body positivity and face-sitting - I believe those are the author's actual words :)

  • THE HUNTRESS by Sevannah Storm (Champagne Book Group): a paranormal romance and the first vampire book I've enjoyed in a long time!

  • OFF THE RECORD by Daisy Blaine (Champagne Book Group): a romantic suspense featuring a reclusive billionaire and a tenacious young journalist - I devoured this book in 48 hours and can't wait for the next one!

  • ONLY ONE BED VOL 1 and VOL 2 (Violet Gaze Press): a two-volume anthology of short stories based on the 'only one bed' trope. The stories are wonderfully diverse and smoking hot!

  • The GIRL MEETS DUKE series (THE DUCHESS DEAL, The GOVERNESS GAME and The WALLFLOWER WAGER) by Tessa Dare (Avon): oh my goodness if you like Regency romance, pick these up immediately! An absolutely amazing series with vibrant, wonderfully likeable characters.

As you can see I tend to focus on romance :) but will also read historical fiction, fantasy, and various other genres - I'll try most anything tbh, although I'm not keen on super dark stories. The only genre I truly shy away from is horror as I'm a gigantic wuss :)

One of my New Year resolutions was to write more book reviews, or at the very least leave a rating, as it makes so much difference to a book's success, particularly for indie and small press authors. So far I'm just doing this on Goodreads but I am looking into alternative book rating apps and websites. If you have a recommendation, let me know!

For February I have some fab books on my TBR. I'm currently reading ELEMENTAL, Book 1 of an urban fantasy series SHADOWS OF OTHERSIDE by Whitney Hill (indie). Violet Gaze Press are releasing volume 1 of a new diverse anthology based on my favourite trope, enemies to lovers (woohoo!). I've also bought CINDERELLA IS DEAD by Kalynn Bayron (Bloomsbury) as although I'm not a diehard YA reader, the stunning cover caught my eye and the blurb sounded fascinating.

A close up of Taylor the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, a medium-sized long-haired red and white dog breed
Feel free to boop the snoot!

Oh what the heck - let's quickly discuss the elephant in the room, or rather the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in the photo! Taylor is my floofy Toller, 20 months old, full of beans and one of my favourite topics of conversation. He's fun-loving, super stubborn and far too smart for his own good! Lockdown has been tricky for us as my plan to try out lots of different doggy activities obviously couldn't happen and our training clubs closed. We've recently signed up for an online scentwork course as he loves to use his nose, but also has the attention span of a gnat, so we'll see how it goes...

I guess that's it for now! I love to hear from readers and fellow writers, so feel free to get in touch. And I'm keen to make this blog as accessible as possible - I have added alt text to the images and will continue to do so in future. If there is anything else I can do to improve accessibility, please let me know.

Stay safe & happy reading,

Vicky x

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