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Some Champagne Book Group romance recs

It's cold and snowy here in the UK at the moment, and I'm spending my time editing SACRIFICE, writing Book 2 in the series, working my day job from home, homeschooling my kids, training the dog and, of course, reading. I mentioned in my previous post that one of my New Year resolutions was to post more reviews - I think I've finally caught up with all the books I've read in the last few months and have reviewed or at least starred them all - yay!

I wasn't quite sure what to write for this post, but after finishing a couple of reviews this morning I decided to focus on some recs and shout-outs for my fellow Champagne Book Group authors!

Note the individual links lead to the Goodreads entries. Please click the link at the end to go straight to Champagne Book Group where you can find all these amazing books.

What to read if you're...

...missing Christmas:

  • SAVING THE WINCHESTER INN by Sofia Sawyer - Lia Winchester returns from the big city to her hometown Fraser Hills to help save her family business. It's supposed to be a short trip, but sparks immediately fly between her and a new employee, Logan! A sexy read all about the importance of home.

  • SNOWED IN by Jessica Calla - a sweet festive read featuring a corporate high-flyer Emma, down-to-earth widower Andrew and Andrew's adorable twin girls. This is a lovely, slow burn, closed-door delight.

...dreaming of the past:

  • SOPHIE'S KEY by Jodi Jensen - Modern day gal Sophie Sanders steps through a door and is whisked away to 1895 Utah, where she meets rugged Texas Ranger Jacob and his sweet daughter Meri. Love blossoms - but will she stay with her man or return to the future? Wonderful time-travel romance (by my awesome editor!).

...feeling otherworldly:

  • MOSTLY INNOCENT by J.M. Jinks - Ancient succubus Layla is framed for murder and clashes with Elijah, the paranormal hunter tasked with apprehending her. The enemies-to-lovers tastiness is on point in this fab urban fantasy.

  • THE HUNTRESS by Sevannah Storm - A paranormal delight featuring sassy detective Callie and grumpy vampire Gabriel. Awesome world-building and a fast-paced plot - vampires done well!

...wanting a side order of suspense with your romance:

  • OFF THE RECORD by Daisy Blaine - young freelance journalist Stella isn't the slightest bit interested in reclusive billionaire Cole, she's too busy investigating the historical disappearance of three girls. He, on the other hand, is definitely intrigued by her... A fantastic romantic suspense.

Hope you enjoyed these recs - I feel like there's something for all romance fans in there! Click here to go to Champagne's website and check them out. I have tons of other Champagne books on my To Be Read list, so no doubt another rec post will follow soon :)

Bye for now!

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