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“Whatever dangers may come, I will guard you until my last breath.”


Living on a houseboat in an abandoned marina with only a dog for company was never going to be fun for an extrovert like Tess Goldwood. The only thing worse? Living alone...while being watched from afar.

After a mysterious creature saved her life a while ago, Tess tried with all her might to befriend him, to no avail. For months, he has remained hidden, guarding her silently from a distance. But when his own life is threatened, she finally convinces him to make contact.

Octopus monster Bale is quiet and reserved, yet the fire in his eyes when he looks at Tess takes her breath away. As they try to ensure his survival, their mutual attraction intensifies. Determined to help her new friend and enjoy the mid-blowing pleasure he offers, the lonely Tess faces a stark truth: if he stays by her swide, he could die. But if he leaves, he may never return.

His devotion to her is unwavering, which means his choice - and therefore his fate - may very well be in her hands.

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Content guide/warnings

This ~30k word monster romance novella features high heat scenes between a human and a monster.  Some content in this story may be triggering for some readers. Please take note of the list below if needed:

Drowning/deep water trauma; depression and loneliness; mention of suicide; violence; stabbing; blood; death; bereavement; mention of the death of a parent (off-page); mention of a neglectful stepparent; mention of civil war.
Absolutely no harm comes to the main character's dog!

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