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“For some messed up reason, the universe has decided that a shy, innocent human is my soulmate.”


After an unhappy marriage and a nasty divorce, Freya Mulholland is ready to protect her hard-won freedom with all her might. Not easy when her vengeful ex-husband stalks her every move, determined to make her new life a misery.

So when the mysterious Severin comes to her aid one night, only to become trapped in his sabertooth tiger form and adamant that she's his fated mate, Freya may need to adjust her thinking. Not only do monsters live amongst them, but this one, with his sharp teeth and intense eyes, believes that she belongs to him, even if he's not happy about it.

As for her, she's horrified - after all, she went through hell to gain her independence. But as she tries to pull away, something about this aloof, enigmatic monster holds her spellbound.

As her ex's harassment reaches dangerous levels, she and Severin must make a decision: part ways to keep the freedom they crave, or succumb to their fate together.


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Content guide/warnings

This ~31k word monster romance novella features high heat scenes between a human and a monster.  Some content in this story may be triggering for some readers. Please take note of the list below if needed:

PlThis story features scenes of domestic violence between the main character and her abusive ex-husband. It also contains: animal attack;

a barbed penis; blood; divorce; drowning; guns; harassment and

stalking; being hunted by a predator; kidnapverbal and physical abuse

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