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The Gods of Trivium, Book 2


Can forbidden love save the realm?

Jothesia is in turmoil. The dragon gods are scattered and broken, their enemies conspire to seize power, and war seems inevitable. One remaining god, together with his human sacrifice, may be the realm’s only hope.

Against all odds, the reluctant alliance between jaded dragon shifter Rhetahn and his rebellious sacrifice Libby has become a passionate romance, defying fate’s decree that she would die at his hand. But forbidden love can be fragile, as the unlikely couple soon discovers.

Libby is certain of her own feelings, but with Rhetahn back to his full, imposing strength, she can’t help worrying that she doesn’t measure up in his eyes. When a misunderstanding forces them further apart, her doubts lead her into terrible danger.

With one of his brothers lost and the other one possessed by evil, Rhetahn is the only god left who can defeat the demons. But the key to his mortal enemies’ plan is Libby herself, and with her pulling away from him, his determination to protect her may bring about his own demise.

As their adversaries close in, the couple’s relationship is tested to its core and the fate of their realm hangs in the balance. If they don’t stand together and fight, they’ll lose more than just each other.

They’ll lose everything.

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A word from the author:

Please note this is Book 2 of a duology. It is advisable to read Book 1, Sacrifice, first.

Content guide/warnings:
Blooddeath/dyingkidnap; sexual contact (medium heat

and consensual); violence

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