Historical mystery series

Book 1: HELLION PRIDE (first published Sept 2013, due to be re-released April 2022)

The daughter of an Earl, Tamar should have lived in luxury as one of the Regency elite. Instead, her world is shattered when she is falsely accused of murdering her father. Escaping to London, she is rescued by an unlikely ally and trained in the art of thief-taking in the perilous criminal underworld.

Sinking into obscurity with a spirited group of friends, she is plunged into danger when a seemingly straightforward case of a missing person becomes something more sinister.


Murder, kidnapping, bodysnatching… her determination to solve the case may lead her to the gallows. With her vicious brother hunting her and a troublesome duke on her tail, Tamar must use all her courage to protect her friends and prove her innocence.

This action-packed historical novel with a hint of romance is due to be republished by Champagne Book Group in early 2022! Keep an eye on Vicky's social media for more details.


A word from the author:

Please note that although this book contains romantic elements,

it is not a genre romance.

Content guide/warnings:
Verbal & physical abuse of minors; moderate blood; cursingdeath/dyingdismembermentkidnap/forceful deprivation of personal autonomy; murdersexual assault of an adultsexual assault of a minor (off-page) and subsequent victim PTSD; sexual contact (mild, consensual); mention of suicide; violencevomiting