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Steamy contemporary romance short stories

Finding love in familiar but unexpected places changes everything...

12 Steamy stories celebrating the beloved trope, Friends to Lovers. Glitzy beauty pageants, high flying executives, second chance romances, dazzling Burlesque clubs to finding love with your friend later in life, this collection has all that and more! M/F, M/M, and F/F, this diverse collection is a celebration of love.

Vicky's story, A Friendly Tail, features a sweet, anxious heroine and her easygoing best friend Nash:

Ellie Benson has three things: social anxiety, a mischievous young dog and an easy-going best friend, Nash, who helps her greatly with both. One thing she doesn’t have is a boyfriend, because that cheating scumbag broke up with her a while ago. As Nash’s self-appointed relationship advisor, she’s too mortified to tell him about being dumped, but keeping it to herself isn’t doing anything for her mental health.


At the renowned summer fete of Friendly Tails Dog Rescue, a distressing visit from her ex leads to a revelation from Nash. To Ellie’s shock, she’s not the only one hiding a secret. If she can find the courage, it might be time to look at her friend in a whole new light.

Friends to Lovers vol 2 ebook HI RES cover.jpg

Content guide/warnings:
Mention of anxiety and panic attacks; mention of infidelity (historic);

sexual contact (consensual)

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